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Showing comments from fediverse in your blog

Inspired by Carl’s article, I have added a fediverse comment section in my blog. The idea is basically showing replies to the author’s fediverse post as if they are the comments to the blog article. You will get it clearly in the original Carl’s post.

My blog uses Gatsby, while Carl’s uses Hugo, so I had to write some additional code to introduce his idea into my blog. I also wanted to let other Gatsby users easily use it in their blog, so I created a node plugin, react-fediverse-comment.

This plugin just adds a react component that fetches the author’s post and shows the replies to that post like comments. Technically, it does not depend on Gatsby, so you will be able to use it with other frameworks. However, it is still in beta, and lots of dirty codes are still in it. At this time, I would like to improve it, but I’m unsure if I have enough time to do so.

If not, the plugin will be just forgotten and dropped by the npm “garbage collector”, which is a pretty common end for most packages.


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